The Poet

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This air-pulsing clitoral vibrator is designed for sucking sensations. Apply a bit of water-based lube, cup the suction mouth around your clitoris, and give the device a squeeze. (It’s controlled by a pressure sensor.) When you find the intensity you like best, you can lock it in with a single click. You can pick between five pre-programmed pulsation modes, too. The whole device is waterproof and wrapped in super soft, body-safe silicone. And what really sets The Poet apart? It comes with three differently sized mouths you can swap out depending on your best fit and preferred sensation. 

  • Cryogenically-polished silicone
  • 5.6 cm x 5.8 cm x 9 cm
  • Waterproof and body-safe
  • 3 interchangeable mouths
  • 5 pulsation modes
  • Rechargeable