Organic Make Up Line

Active Skin Repair

Active Skin Repair is a medical-grade treatment for everyday wound care and skin repair.  It is simple to use, multi-functional and helps support the body’s natural healing process.

Agent Nateur

The quality and sourcing of AG products are clinically tested and backed by science, yet safe and organic ingredients, each and every active is of European origin.

Anima Mundi Apothecary

Anima Mundi Apothecary is completely devoted to providing the freshest and most vibrant botanical goodness to the world.  Their purpose is to bridge native people into today's world, through the magic of ancient botany and rainforest remedies. 


Avant Guard AeroSilver Technology

A skin friendly, sustainable, washable and reusable fashion face mask and pouch made of 12.5% pure elemental silver in each fibre with lasting respiratory protective performance.

Bachca Paris

Bachca combines simplicity of shapes and authenticity with technical innovation.
Natural wood, soft colors and mineral curves give the range a natural and authentic look.

Badger's Organic Sunscreen

Badger sunscreens offer full broad spectrum protection using the mineral zinc oxide as the only active ingredient.
The certified natural and organic sunscreen base of plant oils, aloe and beeswax provides valuable anti-oxidants and moisturizes your skin.

Biocol Labs: The Post Chemical Pharmacy

Creating the new health essentials: plant-based, doctor-approved and straight-talking solutions focused on the needs of modern life.

Bodha Modern Wellness

Bodha is creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery for you and your home. Bringing together the art of perfume & the science of aromatherapy they want to help you come back to yourself through the power of scent.

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been highly regarded throughout history. In 400 B.C. the great Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, used it for its cleansing properties.

Brush with Bamboo

The World's First and Only Plant-Based Bamboo Toothbrush

C & The Moon

C & The Moon was founded on the belief that the way we care for ourselves has a direct impact on how we care for our planet. 


CADDIS Eye Appliances


CADDIS is the anti anti-aging brand. That’s our stance. We want to have an open and frank conversation with you about how absolutely right on it is to be the age we are, right here and now.

Captain Blankenship

Luxurious hair and body products that are healthy for people and the planet. Sourcing the best organic ingredients available, supporting farmers, and working with Trusted partners.

Catherine Rising

Sage and Palo Santo are traditionally burned ceremonially in purification rituals.  it can clear a physical or mental space of stagnant or negative energy.

*all sage is ethically sourced

Conscious Coconut

Conscious Coconut works directly with farmers in the southern Philippines, supporting fair trade practices every step of the way. Conscious Coconut tubes are then packaged by adults with mental and developmental disabilities at the MacDonald Training Center located in Tampa, Florida. For every product sold, CC donates a meal to a child in need through Feeding America food banks.

Coola Suncare

COOLA Suncare harnesses the power of plant cell actives to nourish and support healthy skin.

CRIA Hair & Scalp Booster

Made with only 4 organic ingredients, CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster is your organic choice for dull, thinning, brittle hair. CRIA nourishes the hair you have while nurturing the hair you need.

Davids Natural Toothpaste

 Davids premium natural toothpaste is made using the highest quality naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients to safely & effectively whiten teeth, fight plaque, and freshen breath. 

Dr. Bronner's ALL-ONE!

Soaps made using traditional methods—this philosophy extends to all body care products:  natural ingredients to take the place of synthetic chemicals.

Dr. Singha's Natural Therapeutics

In traditional medicine, Mustard is renowned for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities. The warmth of Mustard gently opens pores and assists in the elimination of impurities.

Dr. Tung's

Dr. Tung's philosophy is based on the concept of "total health” - an approach which emphasizes the role of oral hygiene in overall health, integrating modern and traditional knowledge to produce highly effective products.

Egyptian Magic | Multi-purpose Cream

World renowned all purpose skin cream with a magical touch.

Ernest Supplies Skincare

Plant Based Skin Care with Lab Driven Science
Ernest Supplies is skincare designed to advance skin health by focusing on two key factors – clean, quality ingredients and ease of use.  

Fire Cider Tonic

A spicy, tangy tonic - raw & organic. Made with apple cider vinegar. Based on a centuries-old folk remedy.

FireBalm SurfPaste

Broad spectrum ZINC Sunscreen Certified organic and REEF SAFE

Four Sigmatic Foods

Packed with Functional Mushrooms to Get Your Brain Going without Leaving Your Body Behind.


Comfort and care for all skin and hair.
Wherever you fall on the spectrum of bare to full, fur makes clean products that hydrate skin, soften hair, and eradicate in-growns from head to toe.

Gnome Wellness

Gnome Wellness uses proprietary technologies to unlock the benefits of full spectrum hemp extract. A range of premium CBD-powered all-natural, certified organic tinctures, body products, hand sanitizer, and products for intimacy that maximize the plant’s proven wellness-enhancing properties.

Good Body Products

Small-batch, plant-based, therapeutic body care products using locally sourced ingredients.  

goop Beauty

goop believes in making every choice count, which is why they’ve always been outspoken about the toxic ingredients used in personal-care and beauty products. So goop uses clinically proven and best-in-class ingredients at active levels to create skin care, skin-boosting ingestibles, and body essentials that are luxurious, deliver high-performance results, and enliven the senses with exquisite textures and beautiful scents.

Grown Alchemist

The Biology of Beautiful Skin
Beauty is health. Improve the health of your skin cells and you will optimize your skin function, creating the perfect environment to release your true beauty.

Gryph & IvyRose

Gryph & IvyRose was developed by parents who experienced life-changing results with herbal applications. The bath and body products focus on supporting the skin’s natural biome, the probiotics on the gut biome and the elixirs address specific challenges like sleep, mood, digestion and overall immune support.

H. Gillerman Organics®

H Gillerman Organics® is an extension of 40 years helping people resolve  stress-related mind and body issues. These products help you deepen your breathing, relax your muscles, improve your sleep, soothe your skin, adjust to travel and the stress in your life as they lift your spirits and sharpen your focus.


Hairstory™ is dedicated to helping people rethink everything about hair care products to create their healthiest hair.


A collaboration between HELLO-SHELBY x Incienso De Santa Fe
Hello-Shelby created these one of a kind teepees to fill your space with some incense and color-pop vibes.  The incense is made from natural wood and native Pinon, filling a space or place with nature’s zen.


Herb-Pharm makes high-quality liquid herbal products for the whole family.


Herbivore Botanicals brings you products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. Herbivore believes in tangible results you can see and feel, and believes in the power of nature to bring these results.

hibi Incense Matches

An elegant incense, cleverly designed to work like a box of matches. Crafted collaboratively by two respected, long-time makers of incense and matches in Japan.


The Hollow & Ridge approach to essential oil production is simple: source high quality and responsibly-grown plant materials, experiment like hell until the right combination of therapeutic effect and pleasing scent is achieved, and keep things small.

Homestead Apothecary

Homestead Apothecary handcraft herbal remedies, supporting the health and well being through sacred botanical and alchemical offerings.

Hum Nutritionals

formulas combine both, using the exact amounts of standardized extracts that were proven in clinical trials.

Humphreys Skincare

Certified Organic Witch Hazel Astringent, its therapeutic extracts have been used for generations to effectively remove oil and impurities from even sensitive skin.

Hyland's Homeopathics

Hyland's has been trusted for generations to provide safe, effective, homeopathic medicines for all members of the family.

ILIA Beauty

ILIA was founded by the inspiration to create a connection between organic beauty and contemporary fashion. The combination of on trend pigments and super nourishing ingredients sets ILIA apart from the conventions of organic beauty.


All natural, science driven luxury skincare developed to give you the results you deserve, no matter skin type. A patented skincare technology that delivers a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to where they are needed in the body.

Incausa Incense

Incausa is a study to find meaningfulness in profit; for mindful growth: personal, community and society. Beginning by creating a product line for ritual and meditation practice that touches on the ancient traditions, that are pure in essence, materials and simplicity.

Isle of Roses

Rose Hair Oil provides an irresistibly soft texture, and this ultra-light blend of 100% natural essential oils, refreshes, revives and polishes hair, controls static and split ends, and imparts a sublime, lingering fragrance. 


Classics reinvented, designed to fit, for reading and for the screens, for the sun and just for fun.

Jao Brand

A meticulously formulated, multipurpose modern apothecary. Nourishing skincare. Original for a reason. Multipurpose products specially formulated w/o dyes, petroleum or artificial fragrances. Tested on humans

Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas products reflect her unique combination of technique, technology and all-natural ingredients formulated to beautify.

Josh Rosebrook

 Josh Rosebrook products are conscientiously formulated and produced using only the highest quality raw materials. JR Products are innovative, results-driven formulations led by science, nature & sustainability for ALL people


Created by three sisters from Ghana, West Africa, using raw unrefined shea butter of the likes that they grew up using.  We are in awe of the talent and beauty of this sister team, who hold an MBA, Law degree, and Medical degree among them.

Keeko Oral Wellness

Elevated Oral Care products that clean your teeth while giving you healthier insides.

Lady Suite

An independent feminine wellness brand focused on clean, effective skin care designed for a woman's most sensitive & intimate skin "down there" (not to be forgotten or overlooked!).


You have seen them everywhere...for good reason!  Lingua France gives voice to your accessories!  A line of sustainably-sourced, fair trade luxury cashmere, all hand-stitched by women in NYC. 

Little Barn Apothecary

Using small-batch apothecary traditions at their micro facility in Georgia, LBA creates luxurious products that are inspired by earth and its raw beauty and natural elements.

Living Libations

Living Libations was created by Nadine Artemis, beauty philosopher, aromacologist, botanical muse, shaping plant-intelligence into palpable consecrations to blush the sense and muse imaginations.  A Botanica Bazaar favorite for all these reasons, and more!

Livon Labs

In 2002 founder Les Nachman, a pioneer in the supplement industry and serial entrepreneur, beat the odds of heart disease and forwent a heart transplant in favor of vitamins.  He created an oral supplement using Liposomal Encapsulation that relieved him from painful and long intravenous delivery of Vitamin C.  His company LivOn Labs makes Lipo-Spheric vitamins that are delivered to your cells where you need them.

Mason Pearson

A family business founded 130 years ago in London and known for its iconic hair brush that uses quality materials & innovative designs (even in today's standards!).


M F L O R E N S performance-driven blend of the fines oils deliver the full-spectrum nutrients your scalp & hair need to thrive. Owing to the molecular and biological symbiosis between your body and M F L O R E N S formulations, your scalp & hair will easily absorb these key nutrients. Ensuring healthy levels of certain minerals in particular will encourage hair growth and help prevent breakage.


Founded on the idea that self-care becomes habit when it is easy and indulgent.  They use ancient tonic plants for modern wellness rituals, providing the purest, certified organic ingredients for their adaptogen focused products.

Moon & Jai

Creators of "MAGIC IN A BOX" ritual kits to help you explore the power of intention, ritual, and flow.

Moon Juice

The founder, Amanda Chantal Bacon, founded Moon Juice in her quest to solve her autoimmune condition.  Born from her kitchen, Moon Juice bridges the world of alchemy and biology for functional benefits.

Natural Patches of Vermont

Body patches that harness the power of pure essential oils and aromatherapy to help open the pathways to vibrant health and well-being.


Adhering to strict organic and sustainable practices, Ogee uses only the highest quality ingredients to retain the maximum level of antioxidants, polyphenols and micronutrients in every product. 

NSF certified, and supporters of the Organic Farming Research Foundation.


Inspired by a deep respect for the healing powers of the ocean, founder Dr. Christopher Perez created a Marine Bio-Active mouthrinse that treats our "inner-oceans".


A back to basics skincare line that uses a carefully selected organic ingredient list scientfically proven to be effective.

OSHAN Essentials

A luxury skin care line from the islands of Hawai'i.  Formulated for the people of the sea, to quench dry skin and counter the cumulative effects of sun damage.

Penny Frances Apothecary

Penny Frances Apothecary is a line of skincare products formulated with entirely natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. All products are handcrafted in very small batches to ensure freshness, potency and purity.

Products are free of chemical additives and synthetic scents and are contained in beautiful, protective violet glass.

Plume Science

Creator Lauren Bilon founded Plume Science as an all-natural, long-lasting, preservative-free, safe, and effective lash and brow enhancing formula.


In creating the organic Ayurvedic PRATIMA line, Pratima Raichur's intention was always to create nature-intelligent formulas that go beyond what’s inside the bottle and transcend into rituals of healing and self-care.

Pursoma Detox

Keeping you well in the modern world by providing tools for ritual wellness practices that bring balance and joy to life.


Products are formulated with authentic Amazonian tribal ingredients inspired by centuries-old beauty secrets of the Quechua-Shar Tribe.

Rescue Remedy

Founded by Dr. Edward Bach of Bach Flower Remedies, Rescue Remedy will help you deal with emergencies and get you through any stressful situation.


Hairstylist Garrett Markenson launched Reverie 10 years ago with the attempt to be a transparent company that partners with family run farms of fair trade, EcoCert ingredients.  Their products are cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free, have zero harsh chemicals, dyes, or perfumes.

RMS Beauty

 RMS Beauty is uniquely created to work synergistically with your body for superior results. All about inner and outer health, color with skincare benefits, and that light reflective glow that makes you feel amazing. 

S'eau Prima

Our superpower ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is a molecule found in our own white blood cells, which activates the immune system's ability to heal itself.

HOCl not only plays a crucial role in naturally restoring our skin to a healthy state, it actively protects against environmental aggressors, yet is gentle and safe for all skin types.


Made from absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads infused with antibacterial kumazasa plant fibers, this innovative fabric contains natural deodorizing properties that prevent mildew growth and fiber deterioration.

Shhhower Cap

A female-founded small business that promotes healthy hair (less washing = healthy hair) by giving you a shower cap you can look forward to wearing.

Shiva Rose Beauty

Shiva Rose Beauty consists of 100% toxic and chemical free skin, body and beauty products, handmade in California and Oregon, USA. Bringing beauty and luminosity to your routine, by utilizing ancient wisdom and powerful ingredients.


Originating in Switzerland in 1980, Similasan has since been dedicated to helping families with their natural remedies that provide temporary symptomatic relief.

Simply Divine Botanicals

Dedicated to health and healing, master herbalist and natural healer Barbara Rogers founded SDB when she realized the effects of harmful chemicals applied to the skin.  Products are hand crafted and reiki-energized.


Using their specially created SLIPSILK silk and non toxic dyes, SILK creates pillowcases, eye masks and hair accessories of the highest quality.

Smile Makers

This UK based company has a mission is to normalize the perception of female sexuality.  They strive to bring sex to the open and educate about female pleasures.  Smile Makers create sensual products for women using data points on female anatomy to craft ergonomic shapes, always updating their selection by listening to customers feedback.

Sun Potion Transformational Foods®

Sun Potion is proud to offer the highest quality adaptogens and tonic herbs available from around the world! 


The founder, Tricia Trimble, made Suntegrity in memory of her mom with whom she lost to skin cancer.  Using her mother's experience as a positive catalyst for change, she created a holistic, mineral sun care line to help people avoid skin cancer.

Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper Skincare, founded by Tata Harper, was created with the essential idea that people no longer have to sacrifice their health to look and feel beautiful.
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Born in New York over 10 years ago, this woman found and run company was conceived of in the pursuit of a non-toxic nail care solution.  Tenoverten is on-trend and timeless, without being trendy.

The Afro Hair & Skin Co

An award-winning range of natural hair & skincare, lovingly handmade in small, fresh batches weekly.  With a mission is to elevate your daily self care rituals and promote true wellness by sharing with you beautifully restorative blends of pure plant magic.

The Beauty Chef

Award-Winning Prebiotic & Probiotic Products To Support Gut Health & Glowing Skin.

The Moon Deck

A tool for connecting to your intuition through the path of self-love and ritual.


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Theodent Whitening Toothpaste

Harnessing the power of the cocoa bean, Theodent Tootpaste boasts a non-toxic and revolutionary alternative to fluoride, Rennou™.

Vintner's Daughter

Vintner’s Daughter®’s award-winning nutritional skincare sets the standard for the industry’s highest efficacy, quality and safety. Their philosophy centers on skin nutrition sourced from nutrient-rich whole plants, drawing on the founder’s background in fine winemaking and its quality-first ethos. Vintner’s Daughter® applies those same uncompromising standards to ingredient sourcing and formulation. The secret at the heart of their beloved products is their proprietary Phyto Radiance InfusionTM, a time-intensive formulation process that harnesses the power of the world’s most nutrient-dense whole botanicals. The result is category-defining skincare that deeply communicates with the skin to deliver transformational hydration, moisture and nourishment to all complexions

California Green Business certified for sustainability commitment

Certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program

2% of every bottle sold donated to charitable organizations benefiting women and children


Experts in natural scenting, Vitruvi uses its knowledge of botanicals and traditional blending methods to create sophisticated essential oil products for scenting your day-to-day.

Washington Homeopathic Products

Originally a Homeopathic pharmacy started in 1873 in Washington DC, WHP is one of the last remaining of its kind.  They make and maintain a full line of homeopathic single remedies and are the source for most of your homeopathic companies today.


Their mission is to mainstream Manuka Honey by innovating products to help busy, modern people buzz with vitality.  Wedderspoon is dedicated to authenticity and traceability - from the hive to the home.

Weleda Natural Beauty Products

Started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own plant garden, is today a world-leading manufacturer of certified natural by NATRUE personal care.

Wild Carrot Herbals

Wild Carrot, also known as Queen Anne's lace, chose this as their talisman of abundance, nourishment, and natural beauty.  This plant-based skin care line is handcrafted by free-spirited people in a tiny and vibrant community of Northeast Oregon.  Each and every container is infused with their exceptional botanical oils, sweet bird song, organic ingredients, mountain sunshine, sparkling rivers of joy, twinkling starry skies, and steadfast intention.

Wonder Valley

Started by a husband and wife team, Alison and Jay Carroll, in the high desert of California.  Wonder Valley Olive Oil is hand-harvested and expertly milled to create recipes that nourish the skin.