Botanica Bazaar is inspired by European Apothecaries, and healing approaches from around the world, with our added personal approach to wellness.

Bethany Mayer and Leilani Bishop, year round residents of Amagansett, are mothers of a collective 3 children, 3 dogs, and wonderful husbands.  Both were brought up with a natural approach to health. This upbringing inspired them to open a shop that supports the well-being of their community by providing a fresh perspective to health & wellness.

The products and brands selected are all vetted and tested by yours truly, and aim to support ones internal wellness (ingestibles, homeopathics, teas) external solutions (sunscreens, salves, tonics), natural beauty (herbal based face oils, organic makeup) and supporting tools (books, netti pots and healing referrals).


To curate a selection of products aimed at balancing the
Mind, Body and Spirit, through a natural approach to wellness.