Perfect Pearl Powder

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Perfect Pearl Powder is a pristine, deep sea-dream for polished skin and pearly whites. Created from nourishing pearl nacre sourced from deep in the South Seas, this ancient ingredient is used to infuse skin and teeth with beneficial amino acids, lipids, and proteins. Pearl powder is said to regenerate skin cells, increase collagen production, clear blemishes, even skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin’s radiance.

Use a dash of Perfect Pearl Powder in combination with pure water, any of our Best Skin Evers, or our Frankincense Honey Mask to create a smoothing, strengthening facial mask. Perfect Pearl Powder also makes a wonderful addition to your tooth-brushing regimen – simply add to any of our oral serums to polish your pearly whites.


Combined with the prebiotic power of chicory root, the awesome alkalinity of sodium bicarbonate, and the antioxidant impact of pure rosemary, our Perfect Pearl Powder promises radiant skin and a fortified grin.