We owe A LOT to planet earth.

She gives us everything we truly need and then some, so it’s up to us to treat her with the same kindness. 

She has our back, so let’s have hers. 

When we use toxic products, we aren’t the only ones we’re harming.

Conventional cosmetics are often packed with ingredients that pose a serious threat to marine life and our earth’s ecosystem. From preservatives and fillers, to microbeads and wasteful packaging, it's time for us to be more conscious of what's going on our skin and into nature.  


Ingredients like Dioxane, BHT, and P-phenylenediamine kill marine life and insects. What’s worse is that many of these ingredients don’t breakdown over time. They accumulate, causing mutations and changes in enzyme expressions in fish and other wildlife. 

Packaging and micro plastics are another major factor in environmental damage that stems from cosmetic use. 91% OF PLASTIC ISN’T RECYCLED. Purchasing “eco-friendly” and recyclable packing is important, but so is cleaning and recycling the packaging once it’s been emptied. 

So what’s the protocol?

For products that can be completely emptied, remove any remaining contents into the trash, and wipe the packaging clean. Don’t rinse the bottle as that may contribute to pollution. 

What about packing that can’t be completely emptied? 

Sadly, we have to toss the entire thing in the trash and send it off to a landfill. To avoid this, try to purchase simple, eco-friendly packaging and products. 

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