This Saturday, January 19th 2019 marks the 3rd annual Women's March.
 A national movement to unify and empower everyone who stands for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all. 
So in celebration of women, and commemoration of this historic movement, we're highlighting a few of the (many) rad female founders who have pioneered the natural skincare industry.
Karité was founded by 3 Ghanian sisters, Naana Boakye, M.D., Abenda Slowe & Akua Okunseinde, who grew up nourishing their skin with raw, unrefined shea butter. After years of searching, for compbrable shea butter with little luck, the sisters set out to create their own. Having each entered a different industry (dermatology, marketing & sales, and law & economics) the sisters combined their immense knowledge to create a truly remarkable brand. 
Straying away from the all too common, high process, refined shea butter; Karité strives to produce the highest quality, antioxidant rich,  dermatologist created products with a purpose. In addition to nourishing our skin, their products are sustainably sourced and support the livelihood of rural African women & their communities. 
Born in Baranquilla, Colombia, Tata’s love of beauty dates way back to her childhood. From an early age, Tata would concoct botanical masks and scrubs with her grandmother, who always emphasized the importance of self care and skncare rituals. For them “Beauty was not a chore or a luxury but something you did to make yourself happy.”
While working as an engineer, Tata’s love of beauty continued into adulthood and eventually morphed from a passion into a career. A consumer of luxury skincare products, it wasn’t until Tata’s stepfather was diagnosed with cancer that she became aware of the harsh toxins that were hiding in her $300 serums, but she couldn’t find high quality natural products that were as effective as the ones she had become acustomed to. So she decided to create her own. Tata brings her line to you, first and foremost, as a consumer of skincare products. And, as a maximalist. For Tata, having a single hero ingredient in a formula doesn’t cut it, why have 1 hydrating ingredient when you can have 27 different sources of moisture that work together harmoniously? That is Tata’s M.O. … More ingredients, more results.
*Tata's products are available in stores only. Give us a call if you'd like us to ship! *
Pratima’s journey began at the tender age of 13, when she began an apprenticeship with a prominent Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Rele. 10 years later, she went on to receive degrees in Science, Chemistry, Botany and Ayurveda but it wasn’t until a decade later that Pratima found her calling, Ayurvedic Skincare. During her time working at one of India’s top cancer research hospitals, she used her healing abilities to heal the skin conditions of her colleagues, not long after, others began to seek her guidance. 
After moving to Manhattan in the late 1970’s, continuing her home practice and eventually creating her eponymous skincare line, PRATIMA. Since opening her first clinic in 1985, Pratima has published a book, Absolute Beauty, and opened PRATIMA SPA in soho - NYCs 1st green Ayurvedic Spa & Wellness center.
Karen Ballou, founder of Immunocologie, worked in the beauty industry as an esthetician and product developer for 30 years when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. 
After her diagnosis, she reevaluated everything that she was putting on her skin and their effects on her health, eventually tossing 90% of her products.
Karen wanted to change the way we look at skincare, and the notion that skincare has to have chemicals and toxins to be effective. This compelled her to create her own line, one that has the same high performance of other brands, without the high levels of chemicals.
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