over exposed? ...unplug!


 EMFs (electromagnetic fields), free radicals and man made frequencies are rapidly increasing with technology...Take some time to unplug and protect yourself from the effects of radiation and environmental toxins..

Dry brushing has massive benefits for the body's circulatory and nervous systems. Living Libation's Energy Brush has powerful bronze bristles to allow ions to be directly absorbed through the skin. Lymph + Tonic and Breast Massage Oil help support overall immune response and circulation.
Drinking Chlorella first thing on an empty stomach works to detoxify the body and support digestion. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that can boost your cellular resistance to EMF exposure. Start your day with a warming latte!
Spend an hour a day away from technology...and sweat the toxins away! Digital Detox + Vital Clay Mask both use french green clay to pull out toxins. Well-hydrated bodies protect themselves...moisturize with the ultimate skin food.
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