You know that TO-DO list you
wanted to start months ago?


The NEW YEAR is symbolic of a fresh start.
The universe gives us a theoretical clean slate, so let's
take advantage of it
and work toward the best versions of ourselves.
Carry this with you throughout 2019, every day is a new day,
a blank canvas primed for your masterpiece. 
This New Years, our resolutions are focused on self-care,
our mental, physical and emotional well-being. 
Each day we're achieving an actionable tasks that will help us achieve our self-care goals, whether it's taking a shot of fire cider every morning or
harnessing the
power of the moon to manifest your dreams.

Here are some of the ways we're practicing
SELF-CARE in 2019. 
Everyone's always talking about apple cider vinegar (or ACV for short), and its health benefits... but what are they? 

ACV doesn't just help to
balance your gut flora, it helps flush the body of toxins and artery plaque, balances the pH, alleviates sinus and asthma symptoms, boosts the metabolism and fights off colds and flus. 

Fire Cider is basically a super-powered ACV,
blended with turmeric, citrus fruits, habanero and horseradish. Keeping your body well so you can focus on your mind. 
Create your own ritual with the Moon & Jai ritual kit...

With crystals, and cleansing botanicals like palo Santo and sage, It's got everything you need to manifest, and promote love or healing in your life. Each kit contains a unique crystal, specifically chosen to help with the kits purpose. 

The Healing kit contains
amethyst, which is an extremely powerful healing stone, known to relieve anger, anxiety, irritability and stress. 

The Love kit has rose quartz, aka the love crystal. It promotes love, harmony and trust in relationships. It also opens up the holder to love, whether its between friends, family, lovers or self love. 

and finally, the Manifest kit relies on labradorite, which is said to encompass the energies of both the moon and the sun. Thus enabling its possessor to
influence their quality of life and increase comprehensive dialogue between the conscious and subconscious minds. 
The Moon Divas Guidebook is the perfect toolkit for any woman in transition,
whether it be a career change, the beginning or end of a relationship, loss, birth etc.

This workbook focuses on
accessible and enjoyable self care to encourage proactive transitions.
There's a lot of hype around dry brushing... but what's the deal with it?

This ethically harvested Pursoma Jute Dry Brush helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to encourage detoxification, cellular renewal and soft, smooth skin. 

Ok... but what's the lymph system do?

The lymph system plays a vital role in the immune system, it's a network of organs and veins that transport white blood cells,  and
allows for the removal of toxins and waste from the body. 

Dip your toe into something a little more spiritual and learn about the powers of the moon. 

New Moon astrology dives into the powers of astrology and blends ancient practices with master astrologist & author Jan Spiller's knowledge and experience to help you
harness the power of the new and full moons to manifest your desires. She also teaches you how to use your astrological chart to your advantage to help you succeed in your goals.  

*available in stores only. give us a call to order :)
For a glowing gut, try Hum's Cleanse to the Rescue. Each packet has a serving of their Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me supplements to aid digestion and detox the body. 

Daily Cleanse
detoxes the skin, liver, bowel, kidneys, lungs AND lymphatic system with zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chlorella spirulina and more. 

While Flatter Me
supports nutrient digestion, optimizes protein, carb, fiber & fat breakdown, helps with nutrient absorption, and relieves indigestion and bloating. It uses ingredients like protease, peptidase, and lipase. 
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