Efficient & Pure 
Hand-crafted in small batches with all-natural, organic, high-quality ingredients, Josh Rosebrook’s line of hair&skin care is as effective as it is pure. Just look at the list of ingredients on any of the products: bet you can pronounce every single thing on there (and you’ve probably eaten half of them).


The unmatched level of purity in each and every ingredient Josh Rosebrook uses is a big part of what make the products so unique and effective. What’s unique about Josh is he aims to support skin by targeting the root cause of aging: inflammation. For all skin types, the Josh Rosebrook Collection has been a favorite among men and women alike. 

Bazaar Favorite : The Vital Balm Cream
A Balm with a Cream feel
A highly effective, organic base of aloe, mango seed butter, botanical hyaluronic acid, and raw honey - infused with vitamin e, broccoli seed oil, ashwagandha, turmeric, black cohosh, dandelion, sage, and ginkgo biloba... not only does Vital effectively seal in skin hydration and reinforce the acid mantle for real skin healing and rejuvenation, but it does so with a modern touch as Vital delivers moisture-rich protection along with a serum-like concentration of skin regenerating benefits.


Beautiful, shiny hair starts in the follicle and scalp.
The right shampoos and conditioners effectively cleanse the hair and scalp while retaining the scalp's natural oil balance.  Rich plant oils help protect, soften and add shine and reflection. Shampoos with specific herbal infusions stimulate the scalp and follicle encouraging strong, continued hair growth.
Josh Rosebrook's herbal infused vitamin water, organic aloe vera, herbal extracts, and plant oils work in combination to cleanse, soften and add shine while stimulating blood circulation to the follicle for strong, healthy hair. 

Bazaar Favorite : The Balance Collection
Formulated to balance oily scalp conditions and/or deliver volume to fine hair. Balance is incredible for scalp issues! Many conventional and even more natural lines use questionable, detergents that can sometimes trigger eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and reactions... Josh Rosebrook is as gentle and clean as it gets.

Meet Josh

 Josh is the OG of green beauty and has a skin and haircare line that is unparalleled in ingredient formulation, sourcing and performance.
A former hair stylist, Josh Rosebrook was driven to create his own naturally sourced products when he couldn’t find what he wanted on the market. With a focus on efficacy and purity, Rosebrook now works with a team including an industry-leading phytochemist and a herbalist to conceive, test and perfect his formulas. He says “the purity creates exponential benefits because the ingredients aren’t inhibited by any trace toxins, any herbicides, pesticides, nothing…”

So, if you’re looking for green and clean, your search ends here.

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