natures little helpers...

"if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely..." roald dahl


natures little helpers...
begin within

cap beauty coconut butter.
sustainable energy.
the high fiber, anti-viral, anti-bacterial "cure all".


the beauty chef inner beauty cleanse
alkalizing super greens to detox and purify
your body on the inside to promote smoother,
clearer skin on the outside

sun potion andadamide 'bliss alchemy'
cacao-based superfood alchemical treat
to lift your mood to another level,
brighten the mind and open the heart


wedderspoon manuka honey.
nature's sweetest superfood.

four sigmatic chaga mushroom elixir.
immunity boosting energy.

morihata binchotan charcoal.
water purifier and toxin absorber.


the art of self love....
girl's night in :)

the moon deck.
"unleash the magic within".
connect to your intuition through the path of ritual and self-love.

the fifth agreement by don miguel ruiz + don jose ruiz.
'the guide to self mastery'.
recover the power of your authenticity.

pursoma minerals de mer body soak.
the 'modern day overload' cleanse.
detox the body with the sea's restorative minerals.

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