Spring Equinox is only
2 days away,
so it's the perfect opportunity to reevaluate and consciously plan out our goals for the future.

We like to use this day to encourage renewal, reinvention, and ritual.
The vernal equinox is time for new beginnings. It's a fresh start and we intend to make the most of it.
Join us on this Mystical Monday,
in creating a renewal ritual

Jump start your renewal ritual with a Moon & Jai Ritual Box, whether you're looking to heal, manifest or promote love, there's a box for you.  Packed with everything you need -Palo Santo, Sage, Healing Crystals, and Matches - to hatch an  intentional and powerful ritual.






 This transition between seasons may have some other transitions in store for you. The Moon Divas Guidebook is a workbook created for women in all stages of life tohelp them through transitional periods. Promote self-care and sustenance practices while nurturing a positive, proactive transformation.


Cleanse your space with a little Sage, or Palo Santo bundle from Catherine Rising. Traditionally burned during purification rituals, these buzzy botanicals are used to clear negative energies from mental and physical spaces.Each Palo Santo bundle has a unique crystal to promote healing, positive energy and protection

Add some clear quartz to your space and reap the benefits of the power crystal. It purifies, activates & amplifies energy.Use it in your meditation practice to clear your mind, eliminate blockages and allow flow.  *Crystals are available in stores only. Stop by to check them out! :



Encourage physical renewal with Welleco's Super Elixir. This not-so-mystical alkalizing greens powder is ideal for a physical fresh start. Reset and restore your body's pH balance while maintaining good nutrition with 45 nutrients and probiotics.

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