This v-day we're all about self-care...

we get so caught up in life that we  stop making time for the things we enjoy, so let's take this time to focus on self-pleasure of all forms. Take some time this year to do things for yourself, spend time nurturing your body and your mind through creative endeavors,  whole foods, and surrounding yourself with people who love and support you. 

Self-care is much more than skin deep, but the skin is definitely a good place to start. While you treat your self, just remember that
mindfulness and balance are key to cultivating self-love. 
Skincare for down there...
We spend our whole lives in our bodies,
so why are we only caring for our faces?
Mind your Lady Business with this organic oil blend that was formulated specifically for delicate intimate skin.
This pretty pink potion helps to 
support elasticity, calm irritation and discomfort and provide antioxidants for brighter, healthier skin
This melting, smoothing, (and edible) massage butter is a decadent treatment for your entire body.
Whether you're spending time with yourself or someone else, this butter is the perfect addition to your routine.
Radiant Love Butter can be used as a moisturizer, massage butter, hair treatment and even a lubricant. 
The surfer is small but mighty. 
This pro paddles hard and rides smooth to  leave you feeling stoked.
It's a small discrete vibrator designed to have you surfing waves of pleasure.
Made with soft, cryogenically polished Japanese silicone the surfer is sure to help you experience maximum delight. 
Arouse essential oil blend delicately joins neroli, jasmine, vetiver and lavender essential oils for a fail-proof aphrodisiac.
This infusion is the perfect way to subtlety spice up your night.
Add a couple
drops to your bath, shower or diffuser to experience the aromatherapy benefits. Or lightly dab it on your pulse points for a sensuous perfume.
The best friend to travel with is Lingua Franca's 100% cashmere, hand embroidered travel set.
Their buttery cashmere is sure to help you get a good nights rest no matter where you are. Included in this super soft set is a blush pouch (that can also be used as a pillow), travel blanket, socks, and an eye mask.
What more could you need?
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