Homeopathy 101

Homeopathy 101

Alternative Healing

What's in the Little White Balls?

You may have heard of Homeopathy as an alternative medicine, but did you know how common it is? Homeopathic medicines are used around the world by millions of individuals and are used in treating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions from headaches, coughs, sore throats, allergies, asthma, eczema, arthritis, chronic fatigue, to anxiety, depression, insomnia and much more.

Owners of Botanica Bazaar, Leilani Bishop & Bethany Mayer have used homeopathic medicine their whole life and continue to do so within their families. 

What is Homeopathy and how does it work?
Homeopathy is a gentle way of treating illnesses based on the principle of like cures like, and has been used clinically for more than 200 years.
Like cures like implies that what will cause symptoms in a healthy person will trigger the cure of a sick person with those symptoms. It is a sophisticated system of using highly diluted substances as “remedies” to trigger the body’s self healing power by stimulating a precise reaction in the body against the symptoms.
For example, when you peel an onion, you feel burn and itch in the eyes, you may also have a runny nose. If you have similar symptoms during a cold, then a homeopathic micro-dose of the remedy called Allium cepa, made from red onion, can help to trigger your body to heal.


The Homeopathic Remedy Kit was assembled on the recommendations of well-trained homeopaths and 144 years of Washington Homeopathic Products experience. It contains 50 of the most commonly used and recommended 30c homeopathic remedies. The kit includes a very handy carrying case containing remedies packaged in 1/2 dram bottles, as well as an insert booklet with a brief introduction to homeopathy, directions on how to use homeopathic remedies, and a section on selecting a remedy by symptom. Voilà! Homeopathy made easy :)

Hyland's Kids' Kit
Dr. Maesimud Panos, M.D. designed this kit and developed the user's guide for the products. She chose the six remedies from her lifetime of experience, they are the six remedies most popular in treating childhood illness from earaches to nosebleeds.

Hyland's Kids' Kit Includes:

Aconitum Napellus 30x 
Initial stages of fevers and inflammations brought about by exposure to dry cold, with anxiety, restlessness and thirst. Discontinue when perspiration sets in. 

Arnica Montana 30x 
Muscular soreness due to overexertion. The first remedy for swelling, bruising and shock. An athlete's necessity. 

Belladonna 30x 
Sudden onset of violent symptoms characterized by flushing heat, and throbbing pain. Patient may have sore throat, cough, aches and fever. 

Chamomilla 30x 
Hypersensitivity to pain, rheumatic discomfort, sleeplessness and nervous excitability. Relieves colic and teething distress in children.


Ferrum Phos 30x 
Ferrum Phos helps the lungs to distribute oxygen throughout the body. It helps carry the oxygen in the circulatory system and is useful for inflammations (sore throat, stuffy nose), nosebleeds or muscular strains. For first aid, fevers and first stage of inflammations, Ferrum Phos is your remedy. 

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum30x 
Helps to localize inflammation, as in bringing a boil to a head. Also of value in treating croup, certain head colds, sore throats and laryngitis.

Bump's 'n Bruises Ointment
Help with bruising and inflammation from falls.

Want a little reading to get yourself on the homeopathic game? Or maybe you're interested in trying it out. Peep our book section and get you're reading glasses on.

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