exchange your coffee for...

wake up without a cup of coffee...!?
our favorite alternative energy boosters.

If you're trying to kick the caffeine habit, or just add something new to the morning mix...we are all about these sustainable energy substitutes!


Cordyceps helps your body produce its own long-lasting energy. Drink in place of a cup of coffee for a healthy energizing effect, minus the jitters.


Matcha increases energy and focus, lifting your vitality and concentration with the slow release of nutrients. Matcha provides hours of steady energy without the caffeine crash.


Organic, raw, unprocessed chocolate. Cacao elevates energy, activates the brain and supports a sense of ease, well-being, and delight.


This superfood is believed to help rebuild exhausted hormone systems, especially adrenal, pancreatic and reproductive functions, aiding in longevity and overall health.


If you still need a little coffee in your life...these scrubs are invigorating! An amazing exfoliant and scrubs make your skin extra soft.

Hawaiian 'illi Coffee Scrubs


Little Barn Coffee + Mint Body Scrub


more to come...
check out our blog for energy boosting recipes
...and new spring additions ;)

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