True Blue Spirulina Shampoo

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True Blue Spirulina Shampoo is a pure powerhouse that protects your luscious locks with a force field of nature’s most fortifying compounds. Our vegan, gluten-free, 100% organic shampoo is a nourishing, revitalizing treat for tired, over processed tresses.



Structured Spring-Water – Structured spring-water is infused with extra oxygen and trace minerals, and is said to increase cellular absorption of nutrients by the hair follicles.

Coco Protein – Coco protein is said to fortify the hair follicles, leading to less breakage. It is also commonly used to increase hair thickness and improve the flexibility of the hair follicle. This combined with yucca helps our shampoo to have suds.

Yucca – Yucca is a natural hair cleanser and an ancient Native American remedy for hair loss and dandruff. The high levels of saponins contained in yucca are what gives our True Blue Spirulina Shampoo its wonderful foaming characteristic.

Wild Harvested Seaweed Extract – Seaweed is a known stimulant for the hair, and is said to foster increased growth and protect against hair thinning. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids.

Organic Cold Water Infusion of Spirulina – Spirulina, a high-protein algae, is used to prevent hair thinning, increase hair volume, and dismiss dandruff. Packed with antioxidants and fatty acids, this powerhouse plant can bring balance to scalp and hair.

Organic Oats (non-gluten) – Oats naturally contain beta-glucan, a compound that helps to lock in moisture on the scalp. Oats are also renowned for removing dead skin cells and providing relief to itchy scalps.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Vera is said to regenerate hair and skin cells, smooth the hair cuticle, and create an invisible polymer film on the surface of each hair strand, helping to lock in moisture and nutrients.

Tansy – Tansy is high in azulene and sesquiterpenes, which are calming and cooling plant constituents making it the perfect essential oil to tame your scalp and mane.

Yarrow – Yarrow also high in azulene increases circulation to the scalp, which may promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. The diaphoretic properties of yarrow root are said to encourage the release of toxins through the scalp, and the essential oil is a popular remedy for sleeplessness and stress.

German Chamomile – While chamomile is an ancient remedy for hair loss, German Chamomile is said to be best suited to hair care because it contains Azulene, a potent anti-inflammatory.

Frankincense – Frankincense is an ancient remedy for hair thinning. It is said to support a healthy scalp, maintain your mane, and fortify hair follicles. Emotionally, Frankincense Oil conjures feelings of sacred gratitude, and lends a ceremonial air to each application of our True Blue Spirulina Shampoo.

Blood Orange – Blood Orange oil is a tonic for the hair follicles and scalp, and its uplifting scent is always inspiring.

Vetiver – Vetiver roots are grounding and soothing, helping to smooth the hair follicle and lock in moisture. Just as it soothes the hair shaft, vetiver oil is a wonderful nervine that calms and cools a frazzled nervous system.

Lemon – A wonderful all-over hair tonic, lemon oil is a known dandruff-buster said to strengthen hair and increase shine. The aroma is uplifting, invigorating, and is commonly used to increase concentration and lift the spirits.

Lavender – The benefits of lavender oil in haircare are endless. This oil is traditionally used to prevent hair thinning, eliminate itchy scalp, deep condition hair, promote hair growth, and more. Lavender is a calming, soothing sedative that promotes deep relaxation.

Bergamot – Bergamot Oil deeply penetrates the scalp and hair shaft, helping to lock in moisture and fortify the hair. Bergamot is both a stimulant and a relaxant, helping to balance the emotions of sadness and anxiety.

Sage & Rosemary Super-Critical Antioxidants – Sage is an infamous hair treatment said to prevent hair thinning, increase shine, while rosemary is famous for its ability to eradicate dandruff and increase circulation in the scalp.