Soaked in Sunshine Body Elixir Oil

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This deliciously fresh, lightweight oil leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft, with a dewy glow.



  • Absorbs quickly and thoroughly
  • Leaves skin silky, not sticky
  • Deeply nourishes and moisturizes 

Blended to do more than just sit on the skin, Soaked in Sunshine is also a nourishing powerhouse, packed with natural oils to improve your skin's elasticity and help diminish the impact of life's pollution, imperfections, scars and sun damage.

 Size: 3.4 FL.OZ

  Ingredients: Antioxidant almondcoconut, avocadojojoba and olive oils provide deep nourishment and a subtle glow. We've combined these with kawakawa leaf extract from ancient Maori healing methods as well as anti-inflammatory healers propolis, thanaka and moringa to give your skin superpowers.