Sasawashi Room Shoes

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Pamper your feet with the soft Sasawashi room shoe. Easy to slip on and off, the simple design includes a suede-like sole and odor-absorbing Sasawashi fabric interior. It's the perfect accessory for a relaxing day at home or at the spa, and the lightweight, flexible material makes them an ideal travel slipper.

Made from a blend of washi (Japanese paper) and fibers from the Kumazasa plant, Sasawashi is a durable fabric with twice the absorbency of cotton. The Kumazasa plant is known for its natural anti-allergen, anti-bacterial and deodorant properties. Together, they create a fabric that is both lightweight and incredibly absorbent, for goods that will last a lifetime.


100% Washi Paper Upper, 100% Polyester Sole.

Made in Osaka, Japan.