Immunity Syrup includes Elderberry

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A favorite winter companion. A blend of elderberry, elder flower and other healing plants with anti-viral and immuno-modulating properties.  This is a fantastic honey replacement for winter brews of tea or coffee.  Adding both the sweetness of raw honey and the medicinal properties to support the immune system.  

The elder plant is sincere in it’s effectiveness. When taken at the first moment of the flu or a cold arising, it prevents or reduces the oncoming sickness. Take a sip on the regular to keep your system resilient.

For Immune, Flu and Viral Support.



Raw Local Honey, Organic Grain Alcohol, Elderberry and flower, Wild Cherry bark, Anise Hyssop flowers, Rose Petals, Bergamot flowers, Water.

Contains Alcohol | Raw honey not recommended for children under 1 yr.