Earth Bound Body Mask
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A full body mask to pull out toxicity by soaking them up with the application of raw and natural clay, this mask will not only pull out the toxins but once soughed off it will leave the skin soft and rejuvenated. Contains 1 purifying ingredient from France + SOFTEN MY SKIN + UNCLOG MY PORES + TREAT MY DRY & SCALY SKIN

 Before applying the body mask, dry brush skin from your toes to your head in a upward motion for 5 minutes, paying closer attention to cellulite-prone areas. Open the bag from the top, add a half cup of water to the bag and stir water into clay using a non-metal spoon or your hand until the clay forms a smooth paste. Add another half cup of water to make a thick, clump-free paste. While standing in the tub, slather a thick layer of the clay paste onto your entire body, starting with your feet (avoiding the soles of your feet) and working upward to your neck. Leave the body mask on for 15 minutes, taking care not to allow the mask to dry completely or crack. (Please note, light colored material will stain when in contact with the clay so contact should be avoided.) Lightly rub mask off with a sponge, allowing for gentle exfoliation. Rinse off thoroughly and pat dry. Moisturize with a light body oil. Rest and relax.

1 Day Cleanse Package.

1 Mask = 1 Total Body Detox Beauty Experience.


French green clay (illite).