BLOOM- Omega Healthy Hair Oil

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See your hair thrive with this carefully selected blend of nourishing plant oils and botanicals that work harmoniously to provide extra intensive care to your hair . Bloom is a rich and nutrient dense oil packed with Omegas and essential fatty acids that deliver health from your roots to your ends. This healthy hair oil gently nourishes the scalp without suffocating or clogging the hair follicles, while fortifying the entire length of your hair providing superior resistance against breakage. They've blended powerful selection of superseed plant oils offering a broad spectrum of benefits to ensure that your hair receives all the nourishment it needs whether you use it to seal in moisture, as a leave-in conditioner, pre-shampoo treatment or for use as a hot oil treatment, Bloom will protect and add strength your hair allowing you to maintain steady healthy hair growth through better retention.

Selected as a finalist in the category of 'Best Hair Oil ' in the Shortlist Beauty Awards 2017.

[ 100% Natural & Vegan friendly ]

Suitable for use on natural hair/locs, relaxed hair, colour and chemically treated hair. Not suitable for use with heated appliances.


How to use

Apply a small amount to slightly damp hair.  Smoothing gently from roots to ends with your palms. Can be used daily or as needed to strengthen and feed nourishment into your hair.



Bloom provides extra protection against damage from styling and manipulation by elasticating the hair strands leaving them with better resistance to breakage and snapping.

Effectively helps to seal moisture into the hair, while working alongside water to soften, nourish and improve your hairs texture.

Contains healthy fatty acids that penetrate the hair strands, this improves the integrity of the hair strand while delivering essential nutrition directly to its core.

Adds shine, gloss, sheen or lustre depending on your hair texture. Deepens and enriches the natural colouring of your hair.

Can be used occasionally on the scalp as part of an intensive hot oil treatment to ease symptoms of dandruff by helping to regulate sebum production on the scalp.


Key Ingredients

Camelina Seed Oil  -  Contains up to 42% omega 3 essential fatty acids, improving elasticity and the texture of your hair. Its a highly moisturizing oil that provides good protection when styling and manipulating hair.

Organic Thistle Oil  -  A lightweight deeply penetrating oil that suits most hair types. Thistle oil smooths and improves the texture of your hair while being rich in source in vitamin F which is a highly beneficial skin nutrient that promotes healthy scalp and smooths follicles for a better quality of hair growth.