Anandamide Bliss Alchemy
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This is an exquisite blend of Unsweetened and Raw Heirloom Cacao and Tonic Herbs named after the cannabinoid neurotransmitter "Anandamide" which is unique to humans. Raw cacao and has been scientifically documented to inspire an experience of  a blissful state, Ananda, upon eating.

This blend may activate and harmonize the Nervous, Digestive, & Immune systems and is a perfect alchemical treat to brighten the mind and open the heart. 

Size: 300g


Raw Cacao*, Tocos*, Mucuna Pruriens*, Ashwagandha* Reishi Mushroom*, Astragalus**, Suma**, Moringa*, RosePetals*, Cardamom* Turmeric*, Cayenne*, Cinnamon*, Black Pepper*,  Himalayan Salt Crystals, Love!

**Certified Organic; ** Wildcrafted.


*If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a pre-existing medical condition, you should always check with your doctor before incorporating these herbs into your regular routine.