Poetic Pits - Copal Musk

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Emit a sensual song of pure plant poetry from your pits! Featuring Copal, Sandalwood and Musk Mallow oil, which create a spirited triple-threat of arousing-euphoria. Copal Musk Poetic Pits contains skin-soothing and sensual aphrodisiac properties to keep your underarms smooth, fresh, and fabulously fragrant.

Poetic Pits are made with 100% organic essential oils. There are no other ingredients. They are potent and one stroke is usually enough to transmit the poetic-ness of your pits, because the essential oils are undiluted, do a skin patch test first on the inner elbow.


Sandalwood – Scrumptious, sumptuous sandalwood oil balances dry, chapped, sensitive skin . A soothing anti-inflammatory, sandalwood excels at satiating skin that has become inflamed due to razor burn or waxing.

Copal – Copal oil has been used throughout history to treat wounds, insect bites, and inflammation. Thanks to its high levels of sesquiterpenes, powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, copal is perfect for pits.

Musk Mallow – Magnificent Musk-mallow ignites your pits with pure poetry! This sensual aphrodisiac is said to conjure feelings of love and passion while soothing and balancing the skin. It is also used to enhance circulation throughout the body.

Frankincense – Frankincense oil adds a sacred element to the nourishing, healing power of Copal Musk Poetic Pits. Reverence, sanctity, and rejuvenation form a tenacious triumvirate of healing power, as frankincense is said to stimulate cell regeneration as well as spiritual regeneration.

Honey Myrtle – Shaving, waxing, and harsh deodorants can wreak havoc on sensitive underarm skin. Honey Myrtle oil is said to firm and tighten skin that has become loose or wrinkled creating a firm, supple surface on which to paint your poetic pits.  

Marjoram – Marjoram oil is antibacterial and antiseptic, which helps to prevent skin infections in one of the body’s most irritation-prone areas.