Chaga Mushroom Elixir Mix
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Four Sigmatic’s wild-crafted Siberian chaga mushrooms are carefully selected to provide premiere health support. Offering some of the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support you’ll ever find growing naturally in the wild, the chaga mushrooms might reduce joint and arthritis pain, offer anti-aging support for skin and hair, and boost the immune system. Chaga is a natural immunity booster that might improve your ability to fight infections, bacteria, colds, and viruses. An antioxidant bomb! One of the strongest anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agents on the market today.

20 powder packets per box. 1,500 mg of dual-extracted, wild-harvested Siberian chaga mushrooms per packet.



Organic Chaga Extract, Organic Eleuthero Extract, Organic Peppermint Extract and Organic Rosehips Extract.