Joints and Bones Bath Soak

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Immerse and restore: all-natural Joints & Bones Bath Soak contains full spectrum hemp extract and mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt to help ease aching muscles. Arnica, echinacea, turkey tail mushroom, and peppermint provide added relief.

To use: Empty the entire contents of this packet, including the herbal sachet, into a warm, running bath. Swirl until salt is fully dissolved, leaving herbs and botanicals in their single-use sachet. Soak for 20 minutes to restore and relax. Discard the sachet after use.

Size: 8oz

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate; Himalayan Pink Salts; Magnesium Chloride; Botanicals of Peppermint, Echinacea, and Turkey Tail; Methylsulfonylmethane; Full Spectrum Hemp Extraction; Arnica Montana; Essential Oils of Birch, Orange, Peppermint and Lemon.