"Biocol Labs is the post-chemical pharmacy, creating health essentials for the modern men and women, which traditional healthcare doesn't provide."

In 1977 Gualdim and Natalia Redol 
decided to take on the pharmaceutical industry,
and Biocol Labs was born. 

It was born from the notion that our bodies are not made to take chemicals,
so why are we using them to heal ourselves?
Something For Dreaming.

Trouble sleeping? 
Something for dreaming
is here to help.
Something for dreaming contains melatonin, passionflower, and lemon balm to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. This blend reduces the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep so you can wake up feeling rested and energized.
Something For Bloated Tums.

Indulged a bit too much? If you're having digestion issues or just feeling a little bloated try this handy capsules. 
Unlike traditional digestion medicine, these capsules have probiotics, ginger and chloride to help normalize digestion. Plus they have fennel and green anise, which helps to regulate intestinal tract function. 
Something For A Mini Rehab.

There are something things that you just don't want to deal with after a night of fun... hangovers included. These handy capsules are packed with milk thistle, artichoke and choline to support healthy liver function which encourages the breakdown of alcohol-induced toxins while restoring lost vitamins and minerals.
Something For A Detox Week. 

Maybe your fun lasted a little longer than one night...
that's when a week long detox comes in. 
These ampoules have a blend of chicory, artichoke and choline, to increase liver function, and support healthy detoxification and elimination of pollutants, additives and food excess
Something For A Cactus Throat. 

It's that time of the year when we're all feeling a bit under the weather. This innovative throat spray features a long sprayer, allowing this blend of copper, anti-inflammatory propolis and icelandic moss to reach and treat even the sorest parts of your throat. Plus it's infused with peppermint and lemon essential oils to bring immediately relief.
Something For The Knackered. 

We've all got a lot on our plates, it can be difficult to juggle work, family, relationships, etc. More often than not, all that juggling leaves us feeling pretty exhausted, which is why we love these ampoules. Infused with magnesium, ginseng, royal jelly and vitamins, this blend reduces fatigue levels so you can keep doin' you. 
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