Organic Beauty meets Science...

meet Immunocologie...


Organic Beauty meets Science...

Immunocologie was founded based on healthy, modern principles following Karen Ballou's personal journey with cancer. An age defying skincare line that empowers your skin by using sustainable and equitably sourced antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. This innovative company formulated “Vital Oligo Science” – to keep it simple - no chemicals or heating techniques are used in the process. Immunocologie gives us the perk of using luxurious ingredients (French green clay and snail mucin) that support skin’s immune health as the secret to healthy and radiant skin.

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Super 7 Elixir Face Serum

Snail mucin (the natural cell growth secretion from snails) reinforces the skin’s immune system. Packed with antibiotics and elastin, this 'collagen in a bottle' gives your skin the love it needs.

Night Protection Creme

Wake up with radiant skin by morning! A nightly nourishing, deep action crème.


Vital Ionic Mist


Cleansing Lotion


Intense Eye Creme



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