treating her right

...well not to say the VAGINA is not a big deal... because it totally is. But what's the big deal about saying the word VAGINA. For many of us, the thought of our lady bits can create some discomfort. Society has taught us to hide what makes a woman... a woman. 
Thankfully with the push of empowering women in today's media, our lady bits have become more and more recognized as a beautiful & sacred place to cherish and love.  
Love your lady bits with our favorite Bazaar products formulated for the areas down under.

Who can argue that our lady bits DON’T take a beating? HELLO razor burn, childbirth and sex?!?!?! (just to name a few offenders). Don’t they deserve a little TLC after all that?

This deliciously silky oil was created for the outer parts of the vagina a.k.a. the vulva. Lady Business Rejuvenating Botanical Oil helps soothe, moisturize and brighten this special area (including the labia majora and minora) to help provide a healthy glow below.

ps... this is not intended to be a lube... we have other yummy things for that


Lady Business Rejuvenating Botanical Oil


Organic Jojoba and Meadow Foam Oils: Help support skin elasticity and suppleness and contains natural tocopherols to minimize oxidation.

Carrot Seed and Evening Primrose Oils: Known to naturally help firm and tone through high vitamin C + E content.

Organic Tamanu Oil: Helps soothe, soften and decrease feelings of discomfort. Also known to support cell regeneration.

Eclipta Prostrata Extract: Combats minor skin discomforts including razor burn and irritation from ingrown hairs.

Let's talk about the hair down there shall we?
A more inclusive definition of beauty, whether you think the bush is back or skin is in. Beautiful, natural, and effective skincare and haircare for up top, down there, and everywhere in between. Welcome to the new era of body care. With much joy we bring to you Fur, to feel good about all of your bits... and we mean all of them.
Founded by women who believe in natural, beautiful care for every part of the body, Fur is for everyone. With super gentle, acid-free formulas to soothe and smooth skin, all Fur's products treat and prevent ingrowns, while softening hair and refining regrowth.

Is Fur For You?
FOR WAXERS: Use daily between waxing sessions for gentler removal of hair, and as a post-waxing treatment to soothe red, irritated skin. Prevents ingrowns, smooths skin, and makes regrowth appear finer.
FOR AU NATURALE: Care for your head, face, underarms, bikini, and legs with equal attention. The natural, lightweight oil is effective enough for the face and gentle enough for down there. Soften hair and clear pores all over the body for healthy, happy skin and hair that looks as good as it feels.
FOR SHAVERS: Stubble Cream works as the ultimate aftershave to smooth areas where hair has been removed completely and to soften prickly stubble. With daily use, live blissfully ingrown-, bump- and razor burn-free.

We're here to make you SMILE
...with The TENNIS COACH, the SURFER, and the FIREMAN
We believe that sexual pleasure for women should not be a taboo, and should be catered to with beautiful and respectful products. Smile Makers’ massagers have been created to cater for the majority of women who want to buy a vibrator, but shun sex shops, especially for the first time using a vibrator! Who demand something feminine, elegant and respectful!
Leilani’s dermatologist once told her that you could tell by a woman’s skin whether she has been having orgasms regularly. We cherish a woman’s body and its potential. Smile Makers’s vibrators allow us to normalize the perception of female sexuality. Now, the only question is: Who will you choose?

How much do you know about lady parts pH? A healthy vulva pH (external intimate skin) averages a 4.7 and a healthy vaginal pH (internal canal) average is 3.5 and ranges to 4.5 - and both are considered "acidic" vs. the skin on our faces from the higher content of lactic acid metabolized by good bacteria, like Lactobacillus among others. A healthy vagina will self-regulate and stay in this acidic range, keeping the lady parts ecosystem (a.k.a. our ladybiome) balanced and in check! When the vulva pH is out of whack it can cause skin dryness, itchiness and increased skin sensitivity and when the vaginal pH is disturbed, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections + bacterial vaginosis can happen (boo).
The easiest way to detect when something is “off” is by being in sync with your lady parts - inside and out. Look at your lady parts on a regular basis, and take the time to learn more about her - from discharge to periods, etc. You can also keep your lady biome in check by staying hydrated, laying off the sugar and carbs, eating fermented foods chock-full of natural probiotics (like yogurt or kimchi) and saying NO to vulva/vaginal care products that contain artificial fragrances + harsh detergents. Because intimate well-being IS holistic well-being.

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