Botanica Bazaar's Pimple Picks 😚

Botanica Bazaar's Guide to All Your Pimple Problems

Acne comes from an old Greek word that means "skin eruption." Yep, ancient Greek kids had pimples, too! So what exactly is a pimple? If you look closely at your face in a mirror, you can see tiny holes in your skin. These are called pores. Inside the pores, you'll find oil, dead skin cells and bacteria... ew? Well not really, that is quiet natural. It isn't until those pores get clogged with excess oils, dead skin and bacteria that you start finding those little friends on your face.
So without further ado... Here are a few products to help all types of acne whether you are 12 or 50... yes adult acne is a thing.


Healing Neem Oil by Pratima
Clarifying Spot Treatment by Tata Harper *

We can't tell you the countless people who have come back to tell us how this oil changed their skin. From chronic acne to severe eczema, The Healing Neem Oil is a cure all! The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of Neem are great for chronic skin conditions, irritations and blemishes; and  its great for all types of acne from your face, to anywhere on the body (Especially great for those who suffer with acne on their back!) 
Use the Clarifying Spot Treatment by Tata Harper after you apply your Neem Oil to help diminish and treat inflamed pimples. It goes on clear so apply morning and night to hide those little friends of yours and feel great in your skin ;)

*Available in store only or call us at 631-267-5660.

Rosemary Reset Powder + Zippity Dew Dab by Living Libations

Ohh this little duo. Great apart, but Stupendous together, mix a little powder with a little Zippity to create a fun over night treatment. Rosemary’s antiseptic and antimicrobial properties make it a wonderful ingredient for those pesky white head pimples, while Zippity Dew Dab can help tame acne that is more underground and cystic. A great starter pack for teens struggling with hormonal acne, throw on Zippity before school, and before bed add the two together so you wake up renewed!


Witch Hazel + Sage Gel Hydrator & Charcoal + Aloe Face Cleanser by Little Barn Apothecary
Blemish Touch Stick by Desert Essence

Cleansing is a big step in preventing breakouts. Charcoal is great at drawing out impurities while helping to balance the oils in the face. The Charcoal + Aloe Face Wash is great for those with oily prone skin to help balance excessive oils. Top with the Witch Hazel + Sage Gel Hydrator which contains witch hazel and willow bark extract that provides natural salicylic acids for reparative effects on blemishes. Lastly, use the Blemish Touch Stick through out the day to fight back bacteria, and can be an easy accessory for teens and adults to carry around in their bag. We at Botanica love this three step process for young boys struggling with acne because it is an easy and effective solution for clearing up teen acne. 

The Vital Clay Spot Treatment by Immunocologie

All we have to say is.. We wish we had this sooner. The Vital Clay Spot Treatment is a unique blend of four different raw earth clays including Canadian collodial clay, montmorillonite, illite, and kaolin. These clays work wonders to help clear out pores, rid your face of black heads, and reduce the inflammation of cystic like acne. Let this clay do its magic while you sleep... An amazing solution for angry underground acne, cystic acne, and super clogged up pores and blackheads. Wake up in the morning and witness the wonders of The Vital Clay... we dare you :)

The Problem Solver & The Clean Dirt by May Lindstrom

This is not your ordinary facial treatment masque. The Problem Solver earns its name, and its superhero reputation, by delivering extraordinary results from use one. The unique formula brightens, heals inflammation and irritation, fades spots and hyperpigmentation, and treats and prevents breakouts. This is a real miracle worker. The Problem Solver is especially effective for those that struggle with severe acne, rosacea, psoriasis and all types of inflammatory disorders.
The Clean Dirt however, works synergistically to brighten and refine, fade hyperpigmentation & discoloration, ease congestion, and best of yet...Reduce acne scarring. Yes, for those who struggle with acne scars, this is the Dirt for you. This treatment is also effective at treating melasma, sunspots, acne scars, and hyper pigmentation. 
Do we even have to explain why this is one of our favorite duos? 
Nope... didn't think so.

So whether you are 14 going through puberty, or you just turned 25 and  happened to start your pimple crisis... we got you covered. 





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